+ Designing, teaching and facilitating indoor and outdoor thinkering events–for youth and everyone:

  • to participate in fun building challenges and creative activities; (see samples)
  • to explore the wonders of  art and design thinking combined with science, technology, culture and activism;
  • and to make learning public, creative and participatory. (see sample)

+ Creating (D.I.Y) thinkering spaces anywhere. At the very minimum all we need is a bike, milk-crate with a tool kit, discarded materials and we are all set to start SPARKmaking in the community.

+ Consulting and Developing training sessions for educators, makers, and home-school parents on how to design thinkering labs (hands-on minds-on multidisciplinary programs, workshops, lessons and activities).



+ Researching on how to form SPARKmakers into a workers-owned collective.
+ Developing community support to create Phase-1 and 2 of The Proposal.
+ Check our areas of interest.

+ Also oftentimes we are making projects of our own and if you are too, get in touch!